Sunday, 10 November 2013

transexual paradise part 1

I closed my eyes "Relax, it's going to be okay.", I told myself. When I opened them again I looked at my iphone. It was 5:43pm and I had gotten a message from him. I opened it and read it "You are my hot babe". I felt my cheeks get hot. I was at the train station and was waiting for him, his name was Bernd and we were going to meet each other to fuck. I got another message "I want to fuck you hard". I was nervous. I mean yes Bernd was really sexy and I had met him on the internet. There was just one thing... He didn't know that I wasn't a girl. He thought I was Antonia, while my real name was Anton. Yes I had breasts, but I also had a dick (and it's pretty big). Then I saw him, he was just standing there. He looked just like the pictures he send me. I saw him take his phone out of his pocket, I got a message "You look so sexy" it said. When he put his phone back into his pocket he let his hand rest on his penis for a while. Was I imagining it? Of course not, I mean we were here to fuck. He got closer and I watched his sexy muscles that showed through his shirt. He was tall and dark hair. His cheekbones were incredible. I felt my penis stiffen. The closer he got, the more I sweated. What if he saw my dick? He couldn't, I was wearing a short skirt but it definitely didn't show my dick. I didn't dare speak, I was scared my voice might sound too deep. I noticed that Bernd was looking at my legs. I had shaved them this morning and they had a sexy shine. I was wearing high heels, you know those kind that women wear to parties. I had long hair and basically I was a woman with a dick and a deep voice. I took out a cigarette, I knew that most smokers have a deep voice. Bernd was the first to talk. "Are you hungry?", he said and I responded with a nod. His eyes were dark brown and all I wished for was to put my lips on his. I wanted him to touch me and lick my penis. I was very horny. We went to a restaurant and Bernd ordered two pizzas. I still hadn't talked and was planning on saying something really sexy. I watched Bernd eat his pizza and how he sometimes licked his lips. He was a dream, so slim and sexy. I couldn't believe his beauty. I noticed a piece of pizza on the left side of his mouth. When he asked me if I liked pizza I leaned forward and whispered into his ear: "Oh yeah baby, I am in love with pizza", in the sexiest way possible with my mouth full of pizza. I watched how Bernd licked the piece of pizza from his lips. His eyes were fixed on my eyes. I felt as if I were melting. Now was the time to tell him. He needed to know that I had a penis. I looked him in the eye and said: "I really want to have sex with you." I couldn't say it, my cheeks were red of embarrassment. I thought he was going to leave me now but instead he said: "But of course you do". We ate in silence and when Bernd had paid for our pizzas we left for a hotel.

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