Friday, 22 November 2013


transexual paradise I (part1)

I closed my eyes "Relax, it's going to be okay.", I told myself. When I opened them again I looked at my iphone. It was 5:43pm and I had gotten a message from him. I opened it and read it "You are my hot babe". I felt my cheeks get hot. I was at the train station and was waiting for him, his name was Bernd and we were going to meet each other to fuck. I got another message "I want to fuck you hard". I was nervous. I mean yes Bernd was really sexy and I had met him on the internet. There was just one thing... He didn't know that I wasn't a girl. He thought I was Antonia, while my real name was Anton. Yes I had breasts, but I also had a dick (and it's pretty big). Then I saw him, he was just standing there. He looked just like the pictures he send me. I saw him take his phone out of his pocket, I got a message "You look so sexy" it said. When he put his phone back into his pocket he let his hand rest on his penis for a while. Was I imagining it? Of course not, I mean we were here to fuck. He got closer and I watched his sexy muscles that showed through his shirt. He was tall and dark hair. His cheekbones were incredible. I felt my penis stiffen. The closer he got, the more I sweated. What if he saw my dick? He couldn't, I was wearing a short skirt but it definitely didn't show my dick. I didn't dare speak, I was scared my voice might sound too deep. I noticed that Bernd was looking at my legs. I had shaved them this morning and they had a sexy shine. I was wearing high heels, you know those kind that women wear to parties. I had long hair and basically I was a woman with a dick and a deep voice. I took out a cigarette, I knew that most smokers have a deep voice. Bernd was the first to talk. "Are you hungry?", he said and I responded with a nod. His eyes were dark brown and all I wished for was to put my lips on his. I wanted him to touch me and lick my penis. I was very horny. We went to a restaurant and Bernd ordered two pizzas. I still hadn't talked and was planning on saying something really sexy. I watched Bernd eat his pizza and how he sometimes licked his lips. He was a dream, so slim and sexy. I couldn't believe his beauty. I noticed a piece of pizza on the left side of his mouth. When he asked me if I liked pizza I leaned forward and whispered into his ear: "Oh yeah baby, I am in love with pizza", in the sexiest way possible with my mouth full of pizza. I watched how Bernd licked the piece of pizza from his lips. His eyes were fixed on my eyes. I felt as if I were melting. Now was the time to tell him. He needed to know that I had a penis. I looked him in the eye and said: "I really want to have sex with you." I couldn't say it, my cheeks were red of embarrassment. I thought he was going to leave me now but instead he said: "But of course you do". We ate in silence and when Bernd had paid for our pizzas we left for a hotel.

Monday, 11 November 2013


It was Saturday and almost 11pm. I was horrified of what he might reply. My fingers typed all sorts of stuff that I couldn't quite understand. He had replied and immediately I clicked on his chat icon. I couldn't believe it! He was into it, I held my breath and started typing again. "Oh how I want you to fuck me. I want you to hurt me and scratch my body.". I felt how I was getting wet, I wanted him to touch me. My heart almost stopped when I read his answer. "I want to handle you rough, you look so kind and sweet and you deserve somebody who handles you the way you want". This wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to chat with my boss in the first place and certainly not like this. He kept messaging me and I replied. My hand slipped into my panties. "Let me treat you like my princess" I couldn't resist. "I will fuck you on my table and slap that little ass of you, bitch". I wondered if he was touching himself. I felt how wet I was and let my hands slide over my labia. I wanted him to push me onto his table. Again he had written something: "I know you look at me at work, I know you think about it". I slowly started to rub my clit. I wanted him so badly. "I want you to lick my cock". He wanted me. He really wanted me. I couldn't believe it. I was rubbing my fingers over my clit so hard by now. "I know you want to touch yourself". He was making me feel so passionate and horny. "If you touch yourself I'll slap your ass so hard that you'd scream in pain". I wanted him to slide his penis into my vagina. I slowly let my fingers rub my clit. He didn't have to know. "Stop touching yourself". How could he possibly know that I was....???? Now I felt uncomfortable. I pulled my fingers back. "I will touch you tomorrow in my office, whore". I felt as if I was going to cry. I went offline and fingered myself to the thought of him fucking me. I was obsessed with him. After all those months he had finally noticed. I came and felt the most sensational tingling through my whole body. Then I went to sleep.